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LAB4SUPPLY is a partnership made up of entities from different areas that aim to incorporate innovative solutions among smallholders on a Mediterranean scale.

LAB4SUPPLY is formed by 9 Partners from 7 different countries in the Mediterranean area (Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco). The Consortium is made up of the following profiles: SMEs with advanced technological experience in ICT solutions (HORTA, SMARTEC); specialists in agrifood value chains and agroeconomics (CREDA, USMS, ENSA), specialists in consumer acceptance activities (AUA) and agri-food product technologists (INRA-MORROCO, MMU).

Participant NoPI nameOrganisationType of EntityCountry
(Coordinator)Zein KallasCenter for Agro-Food Economics and Development-CREDAUniversitySpain
Partner 2Djamel DjenaneMouloud Mammeri University in Tizi Ouzou -MMUUniversityAlgeria
Partner 3Ahcène Kaci Ecole nationale Supérieure Agronomique d'El Harrach - ENSAUniversityAlgeria
Partner 4Ahmed KhattabSmartec Systems - SMARTECSMEEgypt
Partner 5Andreas DrichoutisAgricultural University of Athens-AUAUniversityGreece
Partner 6Valentina ManstrettaHORTA S.R.L.- HORTASMEItaly
Partner 7Younes Noutfia Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique INRA-MORROCOPublic Research OrganisationMorocco
Partner 8Hassan OuabouchSultan Moulay Slimane University - USMSUniversityMorocco
Partner 9Philippe LeGrusseInternational Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier CIHEAM-IAMMIntergovernmental organisationFrance

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