An exceptional event on the mediterranean fig

Jours de Figues de Vézénobres

16-17 setember 2023

Programme and activities

Friday, September 15

  • Presentation of the PRIMA lab4Supply project by CIHEAM-IAMM 
  • Conferences: Optimization of irrigation management and technologies & Orchard experimentation project to optimize water resources
  • Presentation of the fig in France and the Gard
  • Round table: Exchanges of experience in the Mediterranean Fig Value Chains (France, Spain, Algeria, Morocco)
  • Discussions on the “Mediterranean Fig Route” project: a gastronomic, cultural and tourist itinerary

Saturday, September 16

  • Official inauguration with local and international stakeholders 
  • Twinning of the communes of Vézénobres (France) and Alguaire (Spain)
  • Mediterranean Fig discussion with stakeholders from France, Algeria, Spain and Morocco: presentation of the region of production, fruit processing, value-adding and irrigation techniques in the face of climate change

 Sunday, September 17

  • “La Figue en Méditerranée”: Exhibition and tasting of fig products

Conference on the Optimization of irrigation management

Visit to the Vézénobres Mediterranean fig orchard

Twinning of the Towns of Vézénobres (France) and Alguaire (Spain)

Signature of the Majors of the two Towns to strengthen the collaboration between the two high value fig production localities

Spanish fig value chain presentation

French fig value chain presentation

Moroccan Fig value Chain presentation

Algerian fig value chain presentation

"La Figue en Méditerranée": Exhibition and tasting of fig products

The Mediterranean stakeholders exhibited fig products from Morocco, Algeria and Spain: fresh and dried figs, pastries, jams, liquors, etc.

Press releases

Objectif Gard [French]

VÉZÉNOBRES Deux "Jours de figues" dans la cité médiévale

jumelages & Partenariats [Spanish]

Francia/VÉZÉNOBRES. El municipio celebra su primer hermanamiento con la capital catalana del higo

Podcasts Media Production [French]

JOURS DE FIGUES A VEZENOBRES Deux jours au coeur du village médiéval les 16 et 17 Septembre 2023

Objectif Gard [French]

VÉZÉNOBRES. La commune célèbre son premier jumelage avec la capitale catalane de la figue

jumelages & Partenariats [English]

Lors de ses deux Jours de figues, Vézénobres, dans le Gard, n’oubliera pas le Maroc

InfOccitanie [French]


La Manyana [Catalan]

Agermanament d’Alguaire amb Vézénobres (França) en la primera jornada de la “Jours de figues” (Jornades de la Figa)

jumelages & Partenariats

France/VÉZÉNOBRES. La commune célèbre son premier jumelage avec la capitale catalane de la figue

Midi Libre [French]

VÉZÉNOBRES Deux "Jours de figues" dans la cité médiévale